In 1991, Julie Drake started Title Wave Books with her husband, Steve, who was born in Alaska. A couple years ago, they had to drop their group insurance through the business and go to the Affordable Care Act online marketplace for individual coverage. But those premiums also rose until, planning retirement in their 50s, they realized they couldn’t afford to stay in Alaska.

Drake said the couple’s premium on Alaska’s marketplace website was $2,300 a month. They moved into a new home in coastal Washington a week ago. Now they will pay $800 a month for health insurance.

“Either you have to earn so little money that you get some kind of subsidy, or you have to be married to somebody who has insurance. It’s not a sob story. It’s just the fact,” Drake said. “It’s turning into a system where you’d better be married to somebody with insurance or you can’t be an entrepreneur.”

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