30 June 2019: The G20 Leaders’ Summit and associated meetings, including a global event on financing energy efficiency and a meeting of energy and environment ministers on energy transitions and the global environment, highlighted energy-related and environmental issues such as energy performance of asset investments and energy transitions to affordable, reliable, sustainable and low-emissions systems.

The G20 Global Summit on Financing Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Clean Technology brought together policymakers, pension fund CEOs, insurance companies and financiers to discuss the world’s energy efficiency investment gap. The Global Summit issued the ‘Tokyo Declaration on Improving the Visibility and Energy Performance of Asset Investments by Financial Institutions.’ The Declaration includes recommendations on:

  • increased transparency regarding the energy performance of banks’ assets;
  • an exemplary role for public financial institutions when considering energy performance in new real estate lending activities;
  • promoting best practices, and tracking commitments made to tag assets’ energy performance; and
  • considering smart enabling infrastructure in cities and the built environment that yield systemic efficiency gains.

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