In many parts of the developing world, tech entrepreneurs are trying to solve long-standing problems. We visit two of these places on this week’s All Tech Considered.


SHAPIRO: First to Occidental Mindoro, an island in the Philippines where power outages are a big problem. They’re also an opportunity for a local solar energy company. Michael Sullivan reports from the town of Paluan.

MICHAEL SULLIVAN, BYLINE: Good luck getting an ice cream in Paluan before Solar Philippines came to town last December and started providing power 24 hours a day.

JENNIFER FALLURIN: (Foreign language spoken).

SULLIVAN: “Brownout,” says high school teacher Jennifer Fallurin. “Before, if we wanted an ice cream, we had to drive to Mamburao, a town about 30 miles away,” she says. Now she and her two kids can get ice cream anytime they want and use their fans at night, too. Fallurin teaches at the high school here where graduating senior Sharmane Teranea says 24-hour power is a godsend.

SHARMANE TERANEA: (Foreign language spoken).

SULLIVAN: “Now we can use our computers to finish our projects and meet our deadlines,” she says, “especially when we used to have to do our homework at night using lamps.”

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