We are witnessing world’s biggest catastrophe in the form of zoonotic contagious virus named novel coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2). More than sixteen lakhs humans have already been infected by this COVID-19 and more than one lakh deaths related to coronavirus have been reported across the world till date. The current statistics of COVID-infections and accounted deaths clearly indicates the severity of situation. The world health organization (WHO) had already announced it as pandemic. Most of the world’s leading countries have announced national emergency and adopted partial or complete lockdown to control the transmission of infection. Indian population is no stranger to this highly contagious virus. Indian government has also taken some stringent and wise decisions to curb down the infection at its early stage. Nationwide lockdown (started since 22 March, 2020) is one of the important decisions taken by the central government to break the transmission chain and provide ample time to different institutions for preparation to face the future situation. Aside from the Coronavirus lockdown arresting the spread of the pandemic, it has also had an impact on the environment and there are certain lessons we must not ignore.

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