Renewable energy investment is taking big strides in sub-Saharan Africa

Africa’s leading economies are increasingly looking to wind energy to power homes. It’s part of a trend towards varying forms of clean energy across the continent.

South Africa, the continent’s most advanced economy, is a clear leader in renewable energy policy and projects, shows research (pdf) by BloombergNEF. For example it will lead

Climate change investing catches on with millennials who believe it’s pressing

  • As climate warnings become more dire, investors have become more interested in climate change-related investments, which did well in 2019 but haven’t had a good track record longer term.
  • In the past year, some climate change ETFs have outperformed and analysts expect the climate change theme to become a much bigger part of the

Coal isn’t good for humanity, but renewables aren’t the only answer to energy poverty

Oxfam recently released a report, “Powering up against poverty: why renewable energy is the future,” which argued that advances in renewable energy mean there is “no tradeoff between improving lives and tackling climate change.” Comforting as this message is, it is also fundamentally inaccurate. Given existing technologies, expanding access to electricity almost always increases CO2

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