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States can pave the way on closing the racial wealth gap

Racial inequality, be that in housing, education, jobs, or our justice system, is holding back our economy and limiting the realization of the American Dream. Too often, gridlock on Capitol Hill does not address these challenges head-on, allowing them to grow into more significant problems. State governments, our laboratories of democracies, have a much-needed role

Fixing America’s racial economic divide could add $400 billion to US GDP

The social arguments for erasing the racial economic divide are clear. Systems and institutions have been stacked against Black people and others who are not white and the initial conditions of slavery and segregation and other racist policies still exert forces on the finances of many Americans.

Turning Impact Investing Upside Down To Erase Racial Wealth Gaps

“Biomimicry is the practice of solving problems by asking the question, ‘What would nature do?” says Boston Impact Initiative Fund founder and President Deborah Frieze. Her answer to that question has her flipping conventional investing wisdom on its head to close the racial wealth divide in Boston.

While she hopes the fund will serve as a

10 Inequality Takeaways from the Democratic Debates

The Democratic primary debates have officially begun. And as the candidates shared a stage for the first time, it was clear that serious contenders needed to not only acknowledge our country’s extreme economic inequality but also put forward concrete plans for tackling the problem.

How much has the conversation changed since the last presidential election? The